Amcal stocks some of Australia's best quality men's toiletries and skincare products online and in-store. Today's generation of Australian men appreciate a large range of options from shaving products, to grooming sets for all skin types.

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There has been a dramatic shift in Men's toiletry products during the past decade. All the old favourite products are still available, along with the introduction of name brand facial cleansers, night creams, sunscreen and more. Personal care has never been easier with Amcal products that soothe away fine lines, vanquish blackheads, and groom facial hair. In fact, Amcal stocks wide-ranging products that will have you looking your best from head to toe.

Items you need to have in your men's toiletries bag

A toiletry bag is a travel essential, and modern men pack more than just soap and toothpaste. Items worth packing in your toiletries bag may include:

  • cleanser or face wash
  • toner
  • an exfoliating product
  • Shaving products and accessories
  • a moisturiser or hydrating product for the face
  • eye cream

Get the most out of these basics by choosing products that have a high sun protection factor (SPF), and are rich in antioxidants.

Travel Essentials to pack in your toiletries bag

Amcal essentials include travel-size versions of your favourite products. If you are travelling around Australia, New Zealand, or beyond, you will remain organised, in control, and looking fresh with toiletry bag travel essentials that can include:

  • Colgate Travel Pack
  • TRESemme Moisture Rich Shampoo - Travel Size
  • Pharmacy Care Am/Pm Travel Case
  • Travel Mini Men's Personal Hygiene - 4 Piece Set
  • Travacalm Travel Band
  • Amcal Travel First Aid Kit - 75 Pieces

What to make sure you pack in your toiletry bag for an overnight stay

A lot can happen in a day, so it is a good idea to be prepared for anything. Everyone has their own Amcal favourite products, and there are some essentials that you simply can't do without for long. These include:

  • body wash
  • body lotion
  • beard oil
  • shampoo and conditioner
  • hydration and moisturizing products
  • brush/comb
  • tweezers

Organising your toiletries

There is no shame in wanting to look your best. Men's toiletries are a big deal at Amcal, including products that are easy to apply for all-day freshness. Use a toiletries bag that is small enough to carry with you, and with handy leak-proof compartments. Purchase travel size cleanser, toner, moisturizer, exfoliation cream and face scrub for your skin type, and look great 24/7 even when away from home.

Finding the best skincare for you

Your skin deserves to be well looked after. As you age, your skin loses elasticity and plumpness, potentially leading to unsightly discolouration and blotches. Stay ahead of the curve by choosing the right products for your individual skin type:

  • oily
  • dry
  • combination
  • sensitive

At Amcal, we treat you as an individual. Browse products specifically designed to work effectively on your skin type, including anti-ageing products and personalised skincare sets for all-over grooming.

Men's skincare brands

Men's skincare is a huge growth market, so it is no surprise that famous Australian and international brands are creating some new and amazing products. Amcal favourite brands and bestsellers include Nivea, Dove, David Craig, DermaVeen, and many more. Explore men's skincare products online, and choose from your favourite brands. You can shop with confidence at Amcal.

Men's skincare routine

It doesn't take long to develop a healthy skincare routine with Amcal men's skincare products on your side. For optimum results, it is good practice to undertake a basic cleanse, tone, and moisturizing routine twice a day. Choose high-quality Amcal lotions and hydrating creams that are paraben-free, oil-free, and vitamin C enriched.

If you have dry skin that needs plumping, oily skin that causes blackheads, dead skin cells, or a skin concern such as a rash or eczema, Amcal is here to help. Speak to an Amcal service professional regarding the best care routine for your skin type to address issues such as:

  • blemishes
  • sensitive skin
  • oily skin
  • blackhead prone
  • razor burns prone

Men's skincare set

Men are starting to take the initiative with personalised men's skincare sets, and Amcal customers are leading the way. Your Amcal skincare set should consist of a cleanser, moisturiser and exfoliator for your particular skin type. With hundreds of men's skincare products available at amazingly affordable prices, Amcal gives you unlimited options to mix and match your favourite brands and skincare products.


You are only young once, so why not make your youthful appearance last for most of your life? Achieve that healthy, youthful glow with Amcal anti-aging products including:

  • Olay Regenerist Ant-Aging Eye Roller
  • Dermal Therapy Anti-Aging Hand Balm
  • Nivea Cellular Anti-Age Day Cream SPF 15+
  • Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Anti-Aging Serum

Amcal products include well-known anti-aging ingredients such as retinol and vitamin C, known to act fast in restoring a more youthful appearance.

Keeping well-groomed the easy way

Once you experience the benefits of Amcal pharmacy men's skincare products, you will never look back. We understand you lead a busy life with minimal time and money available for expensive skincare clinic treatments. The alternative Amcal skin products are the cost-effective and fast-acting way to establish a comprehensive grooming routine without breaking the bank.

Shop online or in-store for all your Amcal favourites. If purchasing online, simply make a wish list, add products to your shopping cart, and proceed to checkout for speedy delivery to your door. Better still, we offer free shipping and delivery on orders over $89, so order today, and get ready for a skincare pampering service like no other.

Grooming essentials and grooming accessories

Skincare and grooming go hand-in-hand. Whether you like to be clean-shaven, close-shaven, or bearded, it's worth investigating grooming essentials from world-leading brands. No men's grooming routine is complete without:

  • A choice of aftershave
  • A good razor, hair trimmer or shaver
  • Shaving cream for the appropriate skin type
  • Brush or comb
  • A nail care routine
  • A hair removal routine

In addition to skincare routine items, grooming accessories are important, such as nail files, nail clippers and pumice for removing hard, dead skin from the soles of your feet. It's important to look and feel good in your own skin, and the extra positive attention you receive will be a well-deserved bonus.

Grooming Kits

At Amcal, the choices are all yours for men's grooming style. Choose individual products to mix and match, or invest in grooming kit products to make sure you always have what you need close at hand. Grooming kit ideas include:

  • Schick Hydro 5 Kit
  • Schick Quattro Titanium 1 Up Razor Kit
  • Nad’s Nose Wax for Men & Women
  • Just for Men Brush-in Colour Gel Moustache & Beard
  • Gillette MACH3 Turbo Cartridges - 4 Pack

FAQ About Men’s Toiletries

Men's toiletries are specifically targeted toward the needs of men. These include skin care products, hair care products, general grooming products, grooming accessories and travel kits for busy men on the move.

That's a personal question, and we have the answers at your nearest Amcal pharmacy. Every man is an individual, with specific health and skincare product favourites. Fortunately, we have all skincare essentials under one roof at Amcal in-store or online. From hydrator products that freshen your skin, to facial fuel toners and moisturizers for a bright and effulgent appearance, the choices are all yours at Amcal.

This will depend on your skin type. At Amcal online, you can select your purchases according to product category, brand, product type, person (man, woman, child), and treatment. If you require more advice and assistance to get you started with men's skincare and grooming, don't hesitate to speak to your nearest Amcal product specialist.

Guys should have been doing skincare all along. However, some men are slow on the uptake and it has taken leadership by prominent Australian men, plus the advanced Amcal men's skincare range to turn the tide. Fortunately, men who try Amcal skincare products quickly become repeat customers, and the rest are following. Shop at Amcal and purchase with confidence.