Medical Equipment & Aids

Medical equipment and aids can help you manage your condition and relieve symptoms in the comfort of your own home. Amcal has personal care and medical supplies to support independence, improve function and enhance your quality of life.

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Range of Different Medical Equipment and Aids Available 

Medical equipment and aids are designed to make living at home easier and safer for those with health restrictions. Daily living aids come in all types and sizes, from mobility equipment to blood pressure monitors, and nebulisers. Not only do they help you to relieve symptoms and manage your condition, but they also aim to increase your functionality, improve your ability to complete daily activities, and enhance your overall quality of life.

Amcal offers a huge range of medical aids and equipment to assist with independent living. Shop our sports and injury supports, -blood glucose monitors, respiratory aids, walking aids, pain relief devices, basic health aids, and more by leading brands such as Thermoskin and SurgiPack. 

Basic Equipment and Aids to Add to Your Checklist at Home

Amcal stock health aids to ensure that your medical supplies at home can be complete and you are equipped to care for your family at a moment's notice. From common colds and fevers to scrapes, aches, and pains - consider these basic essentials at Amcal:

  • Thermometers - Keep a fever in check with our range of thermometers. We have Omron and Vicks forehead thermometers for kids and adults, digital thermometers by SurgiPack, and infrared thermometers, and no contact talking thermometers by Pharmacy Care that can give accurate readings in one second.
  • Cotton gloves - Our cotton gloves by SurgiPack will protect sensitive skin when cleaning with detergents or chemicals.
  • Snoring devices - Get a better night's sleep with our snoring devices by Snore MD. Use this device to hold the lower jaw forward while sleeping and open airways for easier breathing.
  • Magnesium sprays - Relieve aches and pains with our range of magnesium sprays and gel roll-ons by Amazing Oils.
  • Mouthguards - Protect little mouths while being active with our junior mouthguards by SurgiPack in mint and bubblegum flavours.
  • Hot water bottles - Soothe pain, relieve stress, and keep warm with our hot water bottle by Pharmacy Care.
  • Pill containers - Easily keep track of your medication with our handy range of pill containers, pill cutters, and pill reminders by Ezy Dose and SurgiPack.

Specialty Equipment for Medical Conditions

We have specialty medical equipment to help assist and relieve many different conditions at home and while on the move. Discover how these aids can help you:

  • Tens machines - Use electromagnetic therapy to alleviate pain and stimulate muscles naturally. Omron Tens Therapy devices come with long-life pads that eliminate the need for messy gels.
  • Compression socks - improve blood circulation, reduce your risk of developing blood clots in the legs, and minimise swelling during inactivity with a pair of compression socks by Scholl.
  • Respiratory aids - We have nebulisers for children and adults to help deliver the right dosage of medication to allow them to breathe more easily. We also have humidifiers and vaporisers to relieve dryness in the air and soothe dry noses, cracked lips, congestion, and more.
  • Sports supports - If you play sport, are recovering from an injury, or are living with a chronic condition, a sports brace or support can help. Stabilise limbs to promote faster healing, reduce pain and swelling, and protect against future damage with our ankle braces, knee braces back supports, wrist braces, and hand braces.

Medical Equipment for High Blood Pressure

Measure your blood pressure daily and receive a fast, accurate reading with our blood pressure monitors for home care by Omron, Microlife, Pharmacy Care, and Amcal. Know what your blood pressure is with the automatic Omron Digital Blood Pressure Monitor in just one click and access memory storage of 30 previous readings. Or upgrade to the Omron Ultra Premium Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor to access up to 90 readings with a hypertension indicator to alert you when your blood pressure is higher than normal.

Medical Aids Available for Diabetics

Our range of lancets and blood glucose monitors is a safe, accurate, and pain-free method for diabetics to keep on top of blood glucose levels. Shop FreeStyle Optium Glucose Strips for at-home testing or do away with strips altogether with the Accu-Chek Mobile Strip-Free Meter Kit that allows you to test up to 50 tests on a continuous tape with easy lancing and visualisation.

Sporting Injuries - What Medical Aids to Have on Hand

Our huge range of sports braces will offer support and stabilisation to injured or weak joints and sprained muscles. Shop ankle braces by Futuro and Thermoskin to stabilise weak ankles and minimise the risk of a sprain. Secure a knee injury with our selection of knee wraps, straps, and open or closed patella supports with an adjustable fit. We also have wrist and elbow braces, hand supports, and back supports for lumbar injuries with thermal compression to protect and provide pain relief and reduce inflammation.

Aids and Equipment for the Elderly Still Living at Home

The right aids and equipment can prevent an elderly person from entering into a residential aged care facility prematurely and keep them at home for longer. Whether they live alone or with a carer, older individuals can benefit from a huge range of aids that can increase their independence and enhance their quality of life, from continence aids to mobility aids, such as mobility scooters and bariatric walking frames for maximum support.

Amcal offers a selection of quality walking aids for those who require additional stability when moving. Shop our walking sticks from SurgiPack, including foldable sticks for travelling, adjustable aluminium sticks, and handcrafted wooden walking sticks for men.

 Aids and Equipment for Children and Babies

We have everything you need to keep your little ones comfortable and their health in top condition. Use our humidifiers and vaporisers to add more moisture to their room and soothe blocked noses, dry mouths, and congestion. Choose between the Medescan Rainbow Mist Humidifier with ultrasonic technology, or Vicks Warm Steam Vaporiser with Vicks VapoSteam inhalants with menthol to strengthen its effect.

We also have nebulisers and accessories to help kids get the right dose of respiratory medication to their lungs. Our nebuliser kits come with a bowl, tubing, and mask, or you can shop them individually by trusted brands, such as Able and Allersearch.

Using Aids and Equipment at Home

If you have complex needs, you may have to make some home modifications to ensure your living space is equipped to handle them. This can include anything from installing ramps, hoists, and lifters to toilet aids, recliners, and shower chairs. You may be eligible to receive a special government program to assist you, such as 24-hr home care services, Home Care Packages, or the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Schemes such as the NDIS Assistive Technology Aids and Equipment Program enable you to receive equipment, devices, or technologies that are funded by the government. Typically, an occupational therapist will be sent to your home to discuss your circumstances and assess your eligibility.

Personal Care of Equipment

Whether you have mobility equipment for walking, a humidifier for clearing congestion, a sports brace for support, or any other kind of medical equipment or aid - you'll need to take good care of it to ensure it remains free from bacteria, dirt, and germs. Clean your equipment or aid regularly by following the specific instructions provided with your item to keep it safe and prolong its lifespan.

When to Seek Further Medical Advice

If you find that your medical equipment and aids are not working for you or your symptoms are worsening, speak to a healthcare professional for medical advice. If you are not sure how to use your equipment properly, consult your doctor for instructions to ensure you're getting the maximum benefit out of your product.

Brands We Know and Trust

When using medical equipment and aids at home, it's important that you use a brand that has a stellar reputation for manufacturing reliable products that are well-made, durable, and provide effective results. Amcal stock the most reliable brands in Australia at the most affordable prices, including:

  • Thermoskin
  • Futuro
  • SurgiPack
  • Elastoplast
  • Pharmacy Care
  • Ezy Dose
  • Omron
  • Able

 Buying Your Medical Equipment and Aids at Amcal

Amcal stocks a massive range of medical equipment and aids to help Australians of all ages live better lives in the comfort of their own home. Our products are designed to improve your function and enhance your quality of life by relieving symptoms and providing support when you need it most. Shop our products online today with free postage over $89 or come into your local Amcal and let our friendly team assist you.

FAQs About Medical Equipment and Aids

What Medical Equipment Should You Have at Home?

The type of medical equipment you have in your home will depend on your circumstances and condition. Amcal provides a wide range of products to help you manage your symptoms and live independently. Shop:

  • Walking sticks by SurgiPack
  • Sports support by Thermoskin and Futuro
  • Warm steam vaporiser by Vicks
  • Nebulisers by Able
  • Tens Machines by Omron
  • Blood pressure monitors by Pharmacy Care and Omron
  • Blood glucose meter kits by Accu-Chek
  • Compression socks by Scholl

What are the Basic Medical Equipment and Aids?

Amcal lets you stock up on basic medical equipment and aids to relieve or monitor symptoms, protect against injury, and keep your medications organised. From gloves that shield sensitive hands from harsh chemicals to soothing aches and swelling with magnesium, browse these essential products:

  • Vicks Fever Insight Thermometer
  • Pharmacy Care Hot Water Bottle
  • Ezy Dose Pill Box Reminder
  • SurgiPack Cotton Gloves
  • Amazing Oils Magnesium Oil Spray
  • SurgiPack Junior Mouthguards

What Are Some Medical Aids Commonly Used at Home?

By having a first aid kit at home, you can be prepared for any unexpected event or accident. Whether the kids have come down with the common cold or you've cut yourself in the kitchen, check out these handy products to add to your supply:

  • SurgiPack Digital Thermometer
  • Wound care essentials, including gauze swabs and bandages
  • Humidifiers and vaporisers to alleviate dry noses, congestion, and more
  • Sports braces and supports for ankle, knee, wrist, hand, and back
  • Nozovent Device to stop snoring

What Are Some Examples of Home Medical Equipment?

Having the right medical equipment can help you to live a more productive and enjoyable life at home. They are made to ease symptoms, monitor your condition, increase your independence, and help you to perform daily tasks more easily. Our home medical equipment includes:

  • SurgiPack walking sticks
  • Phillips nebulisers
  • Omron Blood glucose meter kits
  • Omron Tens Therapy devices
  • Pharmacy Care blood pressure monitors