Electronic Prescriptions (Escripts)

Electronic Prescriptions are now available at Amcal pharmacy. Making managing your scripts easier than ever.

Understanding electronic prescriptions

What is an electronic prescription?

An electronic prescription, also known as an e-script, is a digital version of a paper prescription. It is a convenient way for you to receive your prescriptions and provides you more flexibility and convenience to access your medicines. Currently there are two ways to use electronic prescriptions: Token and Active Script List (ASL).

What is a token?

You will receive an SMS, email or paper printout containing information including your initials, a QR code, and some information about the medicine prescribed. Once in possession of the token(s) you can present the token to your Amcal pharmacy of choice or send it to them via SMS, email or the Amcal app. The token provides a link to a unique code used by your pharmacy to access the legal document for dispensing. If you have any repeats on the prescription, a new token will be sent to you via your preferred method (SMS or email) after the prescription is dispensed.

What is an Active Script List (ASL)?

An Active Script List (ASL) is a secure, centralised list of all your active prescriptions available to be dispensed. Your pharmacy can help you register for an ASL, and once registered your doctor can prescribe and upload your electronic prescriptions to your ASL. Your pharmacy will request consent to access and view your ASL. Once access is granted and your identity is verified, your pharmacy can dispense your electronic prescriptions from your ASL at your request. The ASL is being progressively rolled out across Australia. Speak to your Amcal pharmacist to see if this has arrived at your local pharmacy.

Benefits of electronic prescriptions

  • Makes prescribing and dispensing medicines more efficient and convenient – your doctor can now send prescriptions to your phone or email and you can forward this to your pharmacy for dispensing.
  • Provides increased visibility to all healthcare professionals involved - improving care and health outcomes.
  • Opting for electronic prescriptions means no more rummaging through bags or drawers looking for paper prescriptions or repeats.
  • Reduces the number of lost prescriptions.
  • Greater safety and security for your prescriptions while maintaining privacy – you can control who can access, view and dispense your prescriptions.
  • Medication management made easy – read on to learn more

Medication management made easy with the Amcal app

The Amcal app will display your active electronic prescription tokens and ASL repeats. You can access, view, and have your medications dispensed when required. This way you do not have to worry about losing your prescriptions ever again. You can also order your medications from the comfort of your home. The electronic prescription will be stored safely within the app until you are ready to have it dispensed.

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How to get an electronic prescription

After a consultation with your doctor, they can issue you a prescription as either a paper prescription or an electronic prescription, based on your preference. If you opt for an electronic prescription, your doctor will either send you a token via SMS or email or add it to your ASL.

How to get your medicines

Once your doctor prescribes you an electronic prescription, you will have several options on how you get that medication from your Amcal pharmacy.

1. Ordering and collecting your medicines in person

Take your electronic prescription token to your pharmacy so it can be scanned, or give your pharmacy access to your Active Script List and request which medications you would like dispensed.

2. Ordering your medicine via the Amcal pharmacy app

Simply Tap-To-Refill your active prescriptions – this will send a request to your pharmacy for them to be dispensed. Since your electronic prescriptions can now be accessed via the app, they can be dispensed without physically bringing any paperwork to the pharmacy.

3. Getting your medicines delivered

Many Amcal pharmacies offer home delivery. The simplest process is to order, pay for and request home delivery of your medications all via the Amcal app. Ask your local Amcal pharmacy about alternative methods of ordering electronic prescriptions for home delivery.

Frequently asked questions

Electronic prescriptions comply with the highest level of Australian Security standards. Your prescription information is transmitted through a secure system called the Prescription Exchange Service (PES) and only those who are authorised by you can have access.

Your electronic prescription will either be sent to you via a URL link via SMS or email (tokens) or uploaded to your Active Script List. For tokens, when the URL has been clicked, it will open a webpage showing your electronic prescription as a token. With the Active Script List, your pharmacy will be able to access all your active electronic prescriptions, once permission has been granted. The Amcal app can also display your electronic prescriptions and allow you to easily view and share them with your Amcal pharmacy for dispensing.

A token represents one individual prescription (or repeat); your doctor will send you a QR code for every medication prescribed, and you will receive a new token for each repeat. The Active Script List represents all your electronic prescriptions and repeats stored within one secure centralised place. Both individual tokens and your Active Script List can be accessed via your Amcal app.

All medicines can be prescribed using an electronic prescription. There are a few great reasons why you should use electronic prescriptions.

  • With the prescription stored on your phone or in one centralised location, you will never lose a script again.
  • Makes it easier for you to receive a prescription from your doctor, they no longer need to mail it to you.

For the token model, you will need an email address, a mobile phone number for the SMS, or a prescription management app like our Amcal app. If you do not have access to those communication methods, you can also ask your prescriber to forward your electronic token to a family member's phone number or email.

For the ASL, you will need a mobile phone so you can receive the initial SMS consent. Once the initial consent has been granted, your doctor simply uploads your electronic prescriptions into your Active Script List, and you can then have your scripts dispensed by your Amcal pharmacist.

Electronic prescriptions and paper prescriptions will co-exist, so you can continue to receive your prescriptions in paper form, just let your doctor know your preference.

If you have chosen to receive an electronic prescription for a particular medication, any repeats remaining on that script will also need to be electronic; you cannot switch between the two different types of prescriptions. However, if you would like a physical copy of the electronic prescription, you can ask your pharmacy to print a paper copy of your token.

There are several ways someone else can collect an electronic prescription on your behalf:

You can order your prescriptions in advance via the Amcal app. The app also has a ‘carer mode’ function, which allows a family member or carer to view, access and order all your medications on your behalf.

  • You can forward your token via SMS or email to another person to present for scanning at the pharmacy.
  • You can authorise someone else to come to the pharmacy and request medications be dispensed from your ASL.
  • In all cases your Amcal pharmacy will confirm this person has consent to order and collect your medications.

What if I have multiple tokens, how can I identify my original and repeat tokens?

The token is the key that our pharmacists need to scan and unlock your prescription. If you accidentally present and scan an old token, the pharmacy will receive an alert and be able to inform you. You will also receive a similar alert if your prescription is expired. Speak with your Amcal pharmacy team member about our Amcal app and how it can help manage your tokens. The app has been designed to automatically update new repeat tokens so that you always have the most up-to-date information.

The ASL will also help reduce the need to manage multiple tokens. Speak to your Amcal pharmacist about registering for the Active Script List.