Urinary incontinence is common. At Amcal online we stock a wide range of incontinence pads and protective underwear. Brands includes; Tena, Depend, Menalind, MoliCare, Molimed and Poise.

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Are you having incontinence problems? You are not alone. 4.8 million other Australians have bowel or bladder control difficulties. Amcal helps you manage incontinence with range of trusted brands you can rely on. We stock trusted brands like Tena, Depend, Menalind, MoliCare, Molimed and Poise.
Urinary Incontience - Urinary incontinence is a problem that often occurs for women after childbirth or in later years and can usually be controlled in time with regular pelvic floor exercise. Older men can also find incontinence a troubling problem that can limit their social life unless protective products are used on a daily basis. We stock all the most reliable incontinence protection products including pads, panty liners and special underwear.
Faecal Incontinence - Faecal incontinence occurs when people have difficulties controlling their bowels, normally as you get older. We stock all the most reliable incontinence products to save you the public embarrassment. To treat this problem discreetly, without having to visit a pharmacy, simply visit our online store.
Discreet - You can shop at the comfort of your own environment at any time and we will send your order to your door.
Amcal's range of incontinence management products includes leading brands such as Poise and Tena in slim and discreet pads and underwear with built-in padding for super-absorption and secure comfort all day every day, even when you are out and about at work or at play. These products ensure you can laugh, cough, sneeze and run and can live a normal life with confidence.