Spring Racing Carnival Essentials from Amcal

We’ve got your Spring Racing Carnival essentials covered!
Yes, it’s that time of year! The time of fabulous fascinators, hats, shoes, dresses and suits. The Spring Racing Carnival is here. Whether you’re attending one of the big races, or taking part in a race day function or BBQ, ladies we know you love to be prepared, and we have just the list to help you be prepared on race day… Your Spring Racing Carnival survival kit. And guys – some of the items in this kit will work for you too!

Don’t forget your lips!
Colour Theory lipstick will have just the shade to finish off your dazzling look. Remember to keep your lippy in your purse incase you need to reapply!

Pink is a hot colour that will help you stand out this Spring Racing Carnival, so if you’re looking for a splash of pink on your lips Colour Theory lipstick in Fuchsia Frenzy is perfect.

Blister Block
Haven’t broken in those fabulous new shoes yet? Be prepared! Band-aid Blister Block will help relieve the pain whilst protecting any nasty blisters.

Relief for your feet!
Ladies after a day in heels, your feet can sometimes be screaming. For that little bit of relief, Party Feet invisible gel cushions help prevent that burning pain in the balls of your feet.

Ballet flats
We’ve seen them, ladies walking to the train station after the races, barefoot with their heels in their hands. You can avoid this by slipping on a fantastic little pair of ballet flats, that fold up to fit in your bag! We have Party Feet Ballet Flats available in three sizes…
Black size 6-7
Black size 7.5-8.5
Black size 9-10

Sometimes it’s the hair that sets apart the whole outfit. Planning to work on a masterpiece hairstyle and keen to avoid that flyaway hair during the day? This little purse size hairspray is just the thing you’ll need to keep your hair in place!

Sun protection
The must have accessory to protect you from the sun. Even on overcast days the sun’s rays can damage your skin. It’s not worth it, so make sure you reapply during the day. Banana Boat has a great little travel size sunscreen that’ll fit in your purse.

It can get hot spending the day outside, so don’t forget to wear a good deodorant, like Rexona Crystal. It’s great for white mark protection, because we all know how those white deodorant marks can ruin an outfit!

Stay hydrated!
It’s very important to drink plenty of water and keep hydrated during the day. A product that can help is Hydralyte. This great pack includes sachets so ladies you can fit one in your handbag and guys you can pop one in your pocket.

Going to the races can be a tiring day. If you need some help to combat the tiredness, Berocca has just what you need to get one step ahead.

Don’t forget to have fun, flash your amazing smile and accept all compliments on your stunning outfit!