Nappy Bag Checklist

Mums we’ve got your nappy bag checklist covered

It’s a question all first time parents ask themselves when preparing for the arrival of their little one… what exactly do we need to include in the nappy bag?

And the list can be long! It may even feel like you’re carting around the kitchen sink in that bag for the first few months, but over time you’ll learn more about exactly what you need and you’ll trim the bag down. And as bub gets older you’ll find you need less.

For those of you preparing for bubs arrival and getting the nappy bag ready now, here are some ideas for your nappy bag…
• Nappies
• Nappy bags
• Wipes
• Change mat
• Nappy rash cream
• Change of clothes
• Burp cloth
• Bib
• Socks (little hands like to rip the socks off their little feet!)
• Snack, like rusks, biscuits or rice cakes and a drink of water (of course more for when bub is eating solids!)
• Bottle and formula dispenser (if your little one is on formula)
• Teething toy
• Toy/book
• Baby nail clippers – you can never have too many baby nail clippers and might find a pair in your nappy bag come in handy if you need to clip a nail when out and about or away for a holiday.
• Breast pads
• Spare top for Mum (well just for the first few months anyway – if you’re breastfeeding it comes in handy for when there is a little bit of excess leaking!)
• Nipple cream/ointment for Mum
• Lip balm for Mum
• Hand sanitiser and hand cream for Mum and Dad (washing hands all the time can lead to dry skin!)
• Bottle of water for Mum

And when it comes to wipes, you’ll soon learn that wipes are used for more than just wiping a bottom! They come in handy when out and about!

We’ve got lots of product suggestions for various checklists here (think bath time, breast feeding, hospital bag, change table, etc). Our advice… buy the basics before bubs is born so you are ready, then after stock up on the items you find work best for your baby (for example, a particular type of nappy rash cream or moisturiser may work better than others you try for your baby – and you will only know that after your beautiful little one has joined the world and you use products).

Here’s some product suggestions for your nappy bag…