Are you pregnant? Not sure? At Amcal, we have a wide range of ovulation test and pregnancy test kits by your trusted brands. Buy now and have peace of mind.

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Amcal understands that pregnancy can be a difficult time. This is why we stock quality products to ease you through this important time. We will support you though all stages of motherhood, from ovulation test, pregnancy test to birth. Clearblue, Maybe Baby, First Response, Crystal Clear, Discover, Ovuplan and Pregnosis are some of the leading brands you should expect stock.
Ovulation - To help you fall pregnant, we have ovulation tests and thermometers to help you determine the most fertile time of the month. Maybe Baby is an easy and reliable to use ovulation tester. Or buy an Ovuplan pregnancy planning kit. Armed with the right tools you will have a bundle of joy in your arms in no time.
Pregnancy Tests - Be sure that you are pregnant with one of Amcal’s trusted pregnancy tests. Some early symptoms of early pregnancy are tender breasts or if you have missed your period, buy a pregnancy test to quickly and accurately determine whether you are pregnant. For an easy, quick and discrete way of getting answers, order your pregnancy test today.
Bringing a child to the world is no small matter. Regardless of what stage you are, be prepared with the right products. Have peace of mind when shopping with Amcal as we stock all quality and reliable products.