Ankle Braces & Supports

Our ankle braces provide ankle support and stabilisation using compression and warmth to limit movement and reduce swelling and pain. Shop wraparound, sleeves, long ankle supports, and more with adjustable straps and breathable fabric.

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Choosing the Best Ankle Brace for You

Along with hot and cold therapy and physiotherapy, ankle braces are a useful aid in treating a wide range of injuries and chronic conditions that affect the ankle joint and surrounding areas. They act as a stabiliser to minimise movement and can assist in reducing pain, inflammation, and discomfort. They are also often worn by athletes to prevent sports injuries and protect the ankle from damage.

A good ankle brace can:

  • Support and stabilise the ankle with compression and warmth
  • Prevent the ankle from rolling and moving from side to side during activity
  • Prevent further injury
  • Improve performance
  • Reduce swelling and pain associated with injury or chronic conditions

Ankle supports come in many types and styles with varying levels of support. There are ankle sleeves and elastic ankle braces that offer mild support while still allowing a range of movement. These are ideal for preventing sports injuries. There are figure-8 straps and wraps which mimic ankle taping and help to lock the ankle into a secure position and protect it during activities. You can find lace-up ankle braces that let you customise your level of support and long ankle braces for extra support and stability for muscles and ligaments.

At Amcal, we stock a great selection of ankle braces to help you treat and prevent ankle injuries. The Thermoskin Sport Ankle Brace Left uses figure-8 straps and a lace-up design to protect your ankle and reduce pain associated with injury. We have low-profile ankle braces that fit neatly into shoes, such as the Elastoplast adjustable ankle supports, Futuro for Her Slim Silhouette braces, and wraparound supports. For ankle and calf support, shop our Thermoskin long ankle braces with elastic support and thermal properties to soothe and relieve achilles' tendon injuries.

Injuries an Ankle Brace Can Assist With

An ankle brace can be used to both prevent injury and treat ankle injuries - after they happen and post-surgery. They can also be used for chronic conditions to ease pain and inflammation using warmth and compression. Here are the most common ankle injuries and conditions that an ankle brace may help with:

  • Ankle sprains - Sprains are the most common form of ankle injury and range from mild to severe. An ankle brace can minimise the swelling, reduce pain, keep the ligaments in place while they heal, restrict movement and protect against further injury.
  • Plantar Fasciitis - This is a condition that causes inflammation of the plantar fascia which is a thick piece of tissue running along the bottom of your foot. Specially designed plantar fasciitis night splints and day braces can support the foot arch and ease heel pain.
  • Achilles Tendonitis - The achilles tendon connects the heel to the calf and helps it to move and flex. When injured, a brace can provide support and compression to the calf to alleviate tenderness, stiffness, and pain until it is healed.
  • Osteoarthritis - Ankle supports can be an effective treatment for ankle osteoarthritis as they may reduce swelling and pain when standing and moving around.

Can You Wear an Ankle Brace Day and Night?

As an ankle brace is designed to support your ankle and foot while walking and moving around, it generally isn't necessary to wear it at night when you are asleep with your feet up. If you have a severe ankle injury that requires rigid stabilisation, your healthcare professional may recommend wearing a light brace to protect your ankle from being knocked or moved while you sleep.

When to Wear Your Ankle Brace

If you are wearing your ankle brace to prevent an injury, wear it every time you play the sport or do the activity. For chronic conditions or as part of a rehabilitation process after an injury, you may need to wear your brace each day while doing daily tasks to provide stability and protect against further damage.

Find the Right Size Brace for You

Your ankle brace will need to fit snugly against your ankle but not so tight as to restrict blood circulation. Our ankle supports come in small, medium, and large sizes. Many also feature adjustable straps and a wraparound design to help you find the perfect fit and easily take them on and off.

What Shoes Can You Wear with Your Ankle Brace?

Our ankle braces by Futuro, Thermoskin and Elastoplast are professionally designed to contour to the foot's natural shape with a slender fit that will slip into most types of shoes. It's advised to wear shoes with a low heel to prevent putting stress on your foot, leg and lower back. Athletic shoes that are soft and comfortable are a great choice.

What Material is Best for Your Ankle Brace or Support?

Neoprene is a breathable material that is often used to make ankle braces, as well as wrist braces, and knee braces for knee support. It's a synthetic rubber that is resistant to abrasions, waterproof and stretchable for superior comfort. As an insulator, it can help to retain heat and aid in pain relief and compression to reduce swelling and discomfort, as well as improve blood circulation. 

Shop our range of neoprene-blend ankle braces, including the Futuro Sport Moisture Control with a wraparound design and adjustable straps to provide moderate support while being active.

Can I Wear Just One Ankle Brace?

Yes, it's perfectly fine to just wear one ankle brace. This is likely to occur if you have injured your ankle and wish to stabilise the area and protect it from further damage. Those who choose to wear two ankle braces are typically aiming to prevent injury to the ankles, such as athletes in high-impact sports.

Do Ankle Braces Come in Pairs?

No, ankle braces are sold individually. Most ankle supports will fit either the right or the left foot and mould to the shape the longer you wear it. You'll need to purchase two if you wish to strap both of your ankles and label them so that you know which one belongs on which foot. 

Keeping Your Brace Clean

It's important to wash your ankle brace regularly to prevent bacteria from forming and to keep it smelling fresh. This is particularly important if you need to wear your brace for an extended period of time as moisture can accumulate and spread infection. Hand wash with a mild soap in warm water, rinse well and leave to air-dry.

Buying Your Ankle Brace with Amcal

Amcal has all of the ankle stabilizers you need to protect, prevent, and treat ankle injuries and chronic conditions. Shop our best sellers online or in-store, including long Thermoskin elastic support braces for the ankle and calf, wraparound braces with adjustable straps by Elastoplast, and Futuro ankle supports with moisture-wicking properties, precision fit designs and breathable fabric. 

FAQs About Ankle Braces

When Should You Wear an Ankle Brace?

Our range of Futuro, Thermoskin, and Elastoplast ankle supports can be worn to compress and stabilise an injured ankle, alleviate symptoms of a chronic condition or prevent injuries in high-impact sports. If treating an injury, you may need to wear it all day and remove it at night. To prevent injury, wear your brace while engaging in a sport or activity which can cause harm to the ankle.

What Are Ankle Braces Good for?

Ankle braces can provide a number of key benefits to injured or on-the-mend ankles, as well as prevent future injuries from occurring. They can:

  • Help to support the ankle with stabilisation and compression
  • Provide warmth to reduce swelling and alleviate pain associated with injuries or chronic conditions, such as arthritis
  • Restrict movement and encourage muscles and ligaments to heal faster
  • Improve your performance and protect the ankle from damage

Amcal stock a range of ankle stabilisers to help you limit movement and enhance your recovery process, as well as knee braces, back supports, and wrist supports.

Do Ankle Braces Weaken Your Ankles?

No, ankle braces provide support to the ankle and are flexible enough to allow a range of movement. It's advised to use them in conjunction with physical therapy and daily activities that will strengthen your ligaments and make them less prone to serious injury. They can also be combined with cold packs and pain relief medication to soothe aches and reduce swelling.

Which Ankle Brace is Best?

The best type of ankle brace for you will depend on your injury and what level of support you require. We have braces by Thermoskin, Futuro, and Elastoplast in different styles and sizes to suit everyone. Discover these amazing features with our range:

  • Adjustable straps
  • Wraparound design
  • Contoured fit
  • Breathable fabric
  • Antibacterial properties and more