When it's time to refresh your make-up supply

Just like food, make-up products have expiry dates. Here's when to toss 'em and update your make-up supply.


Lipglosses can last up to 18 months. Simply write the expiration date on the product with a Sharpie.


Oil-free foundation will last up to 12 months, while cream compacts can be used up to 18 months.


Mascara has a lifespan of just three months - really!

Buy one for each season, and toss the old one when the temperature changes.

Blush & Powders

Powder products like blush and bronzer last two years - as long as you're also cleaning and updating your brushes.


While pencil eyeliners last two years, gel or liquid eyeliners should only be used for three months.


Toss old lipsticks after a year - any longer than this and they can pose a health threat.


Brushes last up to two years, as long as you clean them properly - ideally, once a week.