Make Up Tips

10 make up tips and tricks

Do you wiggle as you apply mascara? Do you know what a primer is? Keen for some more insights into makeup? We’ve got some points to help!

  • Do you use mascara? How often do you replace it? Ideally you should replace your mascara every 3-4 months. This helps avoid any nasties that might have built up in the mascara wand.

  • It's all about the wiggle! To get full coverage on your lashes and avoid clumps, when applying mascara start at the roots and use a wiggle or zig zag motion to the ends.

  • Before applying eye shadow, do you use foundation, concealer or a dedicated eye primer? It pays to prep your eyelids as it not only gives something for the eye shadow to cling to, it also helps stop that creasing line on your lids, helps the eye shadow last longer and brings out the best in the colour of the eye shadow.

  • Looking to camouflage some annoying circles under your eyes? We’ve all been there! Apply concealer to your under-eye circles after foundation, not before. And blend in the concealer by gently patting with your fingers. This will help to hide them.

  • Looking to create dramatic lashes? Don't stop at one coat of mascara, try two. Just before the first coat dries, apply the second coat. But make sure you’re using a non-clumping mascara.

  • Do you use a primer? It’s absolutely amazing the difference a primer can make – your make-up end result is more natural, flawless and radiant, with half the amount of work!

  • Use primer, tinted moisturiser and a little concealer for any problem zones. Set it all with a dusting of bronzer and you’ll look fresh and flawless in a few quick minutes.

  • Keen to make your beautiful brown eyes stand out? A lot of eye shadow colours will suit you, but try purple and plum eye shadow shades to help make them pop.

  • Looking for an eye shadow to suit your blue eyes? Try shades of warm copper, gold or rich brown, and for your eyeliner chocolate is the shade for you.

  • If you're looking to warm up skin that's looking a little tired, try dusky pink blush tones.