Amcal’s range of inhalants and vaporisers will help you and your family breathe easier this cold and flu season. Our products help relieve nasal congestion and chest discomfort so you can sleep well and start to feel better soon.

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How inhalants and vaporisers can help ease the symptoms of colds and flus

There are many different options when selecting products to relieve symptoms of a cold or flu. Medications traditionally used to treat sore throats, coughs, and congestion associated with colds and flus might interact with current medications or not be suitable for children. Inhalants and vaporisers are easy and safe remedies to help ease your suffering and get you back to feeling yourself.

Benefits of warm steam inhalation

Warm steam inhalation is beneficial in helping relieve common symptoms of colds and flus, such as: 

  • Throat irritation
  • Congested airways
  • Cough
  • Stuffy nose
  • Dry or irritated nasal passages

Inhaling moist, warm steam can help loosen mucus in the lungs as well as thin the catarrh (excessive mucus) that causes a blocked nose. Adding essential oils such as tea tree, eucalyptus, peppermint, oregano or lavender can also help soothe symptoms.

Natural cough and cold remedy

Vaporisers and inhalants offer an effective, gentle, and often natural solution to help alleviate the most common symptoms of colds and flus. In addition to these products, Amcal offers a selection of other natural cough and cold products such as Vicks Vapo Naturals Drops and Bosisto's Eucalyptus Nasal Spray. The addition of superfoods to your diet, such as dark leafy greens, berries, garlic, and turmeric, has been shown to improve immune function and is a good addition to your healthcare regime. Add a selection of superfoods to your shopping cart, such as Swisse High Strength Chlorophyll, Nutra-Life Bio-Curcumin Turmeric capsules , and Nutra-Life Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract. 

Nasal congestion

Nasal congestion is a normal but unpleasant symptom of a cold or flu. Amcal offers many trusted, over-the-counter (OTC) options to help ease nasal congestion including:

  • Chest rubs
  • Sprays
  • Tablets 
  • Lozenges 
  • Inhalants

Picking the product that is best for you and your family depends on symptoms, pre-existing medical conditions, as well as who you are treating (adult, child, or baby).

Using Eucalyptus Oil for Cough

Eucalyptus oil, from the native Australian Eucalyptus tree, has been used medicinally for hundreds of years. Eucalyptus oil  has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral properties. Amcal stocks both the 50ml and 500ml bottles of Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Oil, which is a powerful essential oil to help ease the symptoms of colds and flus.

Using your vaporiser at home

Vaporisers are an easy, at-home solution to offer symptomatic relief from the congestion, cough, and respiratory irritation often caused by colds and flus. By introducing warm, moist air into your home environment (a bedroom or other smaller room is best), a vaporiser helps keep your lungs and respiratory tract functioning well. A vaporiser such as the Vicks Warm Steam Vaporiser Unit is easy to use and maintain, effective, and widely available at Amcal stores and online.

Vaporisers and inhalants for Adults

Adults can benefit from the use of vaporisers and inhalants, not just for colds and flus, but also to give symptomatic relief from:

  • Sinusitis 
  • Bronchitis
  • Asthma 
  • Allergies 

Inhalants such as Vicks Vapo Steam Inhalant or Amcal’s Inhalant Fluid are great additions to a steam vaporiser, while peppermint oil and lavender oil can be added to a bowl of hot water when doing a steam inhalation.

Vaporisers and inhalants for Kids

When your child is sick, you must ensure you are treating them using suitable and safe products. Putting a towel over your child’s head while they lean over a bowl of hot water with the Euky Bear Inhalant, is a safe and effective way to help clear their throat and lungs. If they are too sick to manage that, a Bosisto’s Vapour Inhaler might be an easier option.

Vaporisers and inhalants for babies

Treating babies when they are sick can be a challenge, which is why inhalants and vaporisers are such an easy and effective option. Using a vaporiser like the Euky Bear Steam Vaporiser as they sleep is a good way to help clear their lungs while they get the rest they need. Always remember to place all vaporisers and inhalants safely out of the reach of babies and children.

Brands to look out for

Amcal stocks, and can quickly deliver a great range of  inhalant and vaporiser brands such as Euky Bear, Bosisto’s, and Vicks, as well as our own Amcal brand. Other brands to help alleviate the symptoms of colds and flus can be found in our extensive range of cough, cold & flu products. 

Where you can purchase inhalants and vaporisers online or instore

Our wide selection of inhalants and vaporisers are available in-store, with click & collect or online. With home delivery usually within 5 business days and free (if your order is over $89), simply add to cart to receive the products designed to make you feel better, from the comfort of your own home.

What else you need to know

Amcal is here to help you get better faster. Our pharmacists are available in-store to answer any questions you may have about our products or to provide advice on the best treatment for your symptoms.

Frequently asked questions about Eucalyptus Inhalant:

Can you use eucalyptus oil in a vaporiser?

Yes, you can use 100% eucalyptus oil in a vaporiser. If you have any concerns, it's best to double-check with the manufacturer of your vaporiser. Some eucalyptus oils can’t be used in children in children under 2 years. Always read the label and ask your Amcal pharmacist.

How do you use inhalants?

Inhalants are extremely easy and safe to use. Simply pour 10ml (approximately 2.5 capfuls) of an inhalant such as Euky Bear Sleepy Time Inhalant into your vaporiser's water container and add water up to the fill level. Alternatively, you can add an inhalant to bathwater or a bowl of hot water and breathe in the vapours. Please check product descriptions for specific dosing instructions (the above dosing is for the Euky Bear Sleepy Time Inhalant). Remember to always keep medicines out of the reach of children.

Is a vaporiser safe for a newborn?

A vaporiser is safe for a newborn as long as it is kept well out of reach and, if using an inhalant, you carefully check the label to ensure it is safe for a newborn. 

How long does a vaporiser last?

With proper use and maintenance, a vaporiser can last several years.