Don’t let hayfever own you!


That itchy, runny nose. Puffy, watery eyes. The tickle in the back of your throat. The constant sneezing and irritating cough.

It can be annoying, frustrating and can disturb your sleep and impact your concentration at work or school.  And all because of an allergic reaction to pollen.

Yes, it’s impossible to avoid pollen altogether, but checking the pollen count forecast online can help. While it’s ideal to stay indoors when the pollen count is high, we all know that’s not always possible.

Your pharmacist can help.

Antihistamines are often recommended. There’s many types and your pharmacist can help you find one that’ll suit you.

Antihistamines are not always suitable for everyone, for example pregnant or breastfeeding women.  In this case your pharmacist can suggest another solution, like a nasal spray or syrup. It could be a range of solutions and will depend on your own circumstances.

And for your eyes, eye drops may help reduce red and irritated eyes. Ask your pharmacist what they would recommend, especially if you wear contact lenses.

When hayfever strikes it can also be a difficult time for people with asthma.  So if you are struggling with your asthma, speak to your GP or pharmacist.

Hayfever doesn't have to ruin your day!