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Scholl -in-1 Corn Express Pen Treatment - 1 Pack

Highly effective & fast acting. Treats multiple corns.


Warning: Always read the label and follow the directions for use.

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Product Information

Scholl 2-in-1 corn express pen. How is the Scholl 2-in-1 express pen different? The new Scholl 2-in-1 corn express is a unique, highly effective and fast acting way to treat corns. It is reusable and will treat multiple corns. What are corns? Corns are amongst the most common problems to affect the feet. Corns are thickening of the skin in response to pressure. The thickened skin forms in a small cone-shaped (called a nucleus) that presses into the skin. Is this the right product for me? Scholl 2-in-1 corn express pen is suitable for hard corns on the top of the toes and on the balls of the feet and for soft corns between the toes. Not recommended for use if your corn bleeds or hurts excessively. Seek medical advise as required. What are the symptoms? There are two main types of corns - hard corns and soft corns, both can be very painful. Hard corns usually develop on the tops of toes or on the balls of the feet, the 'point' of the corn nucleus can press on nerve endings which may cause pain and discomfort, making it uncomfortable to walk. There is often an area of callus/hard skin overlying the corn which will usually be round and yellow. Soft corns develop between the toes where the skin is moist, making the skin of the corn feel rubbery. How can i prevent corns? Corns are caused by areas of high pressure, often caused by footwear or foot shape. To prevent a corn from developing you need to remove the cause of the pressure. Wearing well-fitting shoes that do not squash the toes and cushioning areas of high pressure may help to prevent corns. Highly effective fast acting. Treats multiple corns.
Product Type
Corn Treatments
Corns, Bunions & Calluses
Visible improvement within 5 days. Relieves pain associated with reducing thickness and therefore pressure of the corn. This product is not suitable for diabetics or those with poor blood circulation. For more information see leaflet inside. You must read the instruction leaflet carefully before use. Do not use on broken irritated skin. Immediately discontinue use if any discomfort or irritation occurs and seek medical advice. For External use only. Only use on the affected area, do not apply to healthy skin. Avoid use if pregnant or breast feeding. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not use any other products on the affected area during the treatment period. Flammable., keep away from sources of ignition. Keep out of reach of children. Always read the label. Follow the directions for use.
Step 1 scraper 1. Ensure feet are clean and dry. 2. Remove cap from the pen. Do not misplace. 3. With a clear view of the corn, hold pen at an angle, scrape towards you to gently exfoliate the top layer of corn. 4. Use cap to remove any remaining skin from scraper and rinse with water. 5. Allow to dry. 6. Repeat above steps every 3rd day to exfoliate softened skin from the corn. Step 2 advanced treatment liquid 7. Unscrew cap. Using the targeted applicator, cover the whole of the corn with the liquid (1-2 applications). 9. Allow to dry (1-2 minutes). 10. Replace the applicator back in the pen and screw on the lid. 11. Replace socks/hosiery and shoes. 12. Use daily. Easy grip opening. Targeted dosing applicator. Advanced treatment liquid. Translucent window to show liquid fill level. Ergonomic design for optimum handling. Cleaning hole to follow removed skin to be rinsed away. Scraper. Cleaning cap.
Storage & Disposal
Store in dry environment and below 25 Degrees Celsius away from direct sunlight.

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