Our 2020 Corporate Flu program is now closed. Enquiries for 2021 to be announced.

Amcal is pleased to offer a Corporate Flu Program to help ensure your employees have the best protection against contracting influenza.

In 2017, it is estimated that Australian businesses lost over $114 million in labour productivity due to the flu! Luckily, flu vaccination is an effective method of preventing influenza infection and transmission within your workplace. Some employers have reported that a workplace vaccination program decreased absenteeism due to flu by 43%!

At Amcal, we offer flexible times across our nationwide pharmacy network to allow your employees to be vaccinated where and when it is convenient for them. In addition, your employees will have access to our range of free in-pharmacy health programs including Heart Health Checks, Diabetes Risk Assessments, Sleep Apnoea Screenings and more

We are proud to have partnered with Australian Vaccine Services (AVS) to be able to extend our in-pharmacy offer into your workplace too. Through this partnership, we offer onsite influenza vaccination across Australia in conjunction with our nationwide pharmacy network so you can cater to all employees, including those who work remotely, or part-time or flexible hours.

Onsite vaccination clinics are available from the beginning of April, and in-pharmacy vaccinations are available from early March, while stocks last.