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Grass Fed Milk-Based Formula

The only formula made with 100% grass fed milk. Farm fresh milk from happier healthier cows GMO FREE. RBGH FREE. GRAIN FREE.

Our 100% grass fed milk comes from cows raised in the temperate hills of New Zealand. New Zealand is one of the few places in the world with the ideal climate to raise 100% grass fed cows that graze year-round in beautiful pastures. Temperate weather, year-round grass, rainfall and rolling fields means we can give cows a healthy environment. Not only do our cows produce more nutritious milk, but they also live long, happy lives.

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Reach your breastfeeding goals with the one-of-a-kind LATCH™ bottle and unique accordion nipple, easing the transition from breast to bottle and back.

LATCH™ Nipple

  • Truly mimics the breast. It moves, functions and stretches just like the breast, providing a proper latch every time.
  • Flexes as the baby's head moves, allowing the correct latch while reducing air ingestion.

LATCH™ Anti Colic Valve

  • Uniquely located at the bottom of the bottle to minimise air flow, helping to reduce gassiness and fussiness.
  • The one-way anti-colic valve allows for milk to flow while ensuring air bubbles do not travel through.
  • One part valve makes it easy to clean

No matter your journey, LATCH bottles ease feeding transitions from breast to bottle and back again.

Introducing the NEW LATCH™ Bottle

Latch bottles work differently, with a patented+ combination of an ultra flexible nipple with a one-way anti-colic valve LATCH™ Nipple

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†Savings calculated based on the recommended retail price as provided by the supplier and not necessarily previous in store price. + (patent pending). *Anti-colic valve prevents air bubbles to reduce gas and fussiness.