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Supporting your intimate health

The intimate area has its own specific problems that can be inconvenient, irritating and hard to ignore.

Almost every woman experiences intimate discomfort such as discharge, malodour, itch, irritated tissue and vaginal dryness at some stage in their lives.

Thankfully, Multi-Gyn is here to help.

Multi-Gyn FloraPlus

Helps regulate yeast problems

Multi-Gyn FloraPlus is suitable for women suffering from unpleasant discomforts related to vaginal yeast and related symptoms like itch irritations and crumbly, white discharge.

Contains plant derived ingredients and prebiotics.

With prebiotics to help relieve vaginal itch and irritation

Multi-Gyn Active Gel

Helps restore balance

Multi-Gyn Active Gel helps to alleviate vaginal discomforts like thin greyish discharge, fishy odour, itch irritations, sensitivity, redness, and soreness.

Contains plant derived ingredients.

Helps reduce odour and discharge