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Vaccinations: You Ask, We Answer!

Amcal recently surveyed the country about vaccinations and research revealed that more than 2 in 3 (68.5%)¹ are in favour of more trusted information on the topic. Australians told us what they want to know, so we’ve developed some expert advice to keep you up-to-date.

What vaccinations do I need to consider getting this year? 

To receive the best possible protection, it’s important to stay up-to-date with immunisations as outlined by the Australian Government’s Health Guidelines². The vaccinations you need to get and when depends on your age and circumstances, however, all eligible Australians aged 5+ should consider the flu vaccination every year between March and June as well as all COVID-19 vaccinations.

For more information on vaccinations you need to consider for pregnancy, for your children or as a senior, visit our Family Vaccinations page

For more information about vaccinations you need to consider when travelling, head to our Travel Vaccinations page. If you need more advice on vaccinations head into your local Amcal pharmacy or give them a call today. 

How do vaccines work?

Vaccines work by triggering an immune response, encouraging your immune system to fight off the infection by creating large proteins known as antibodies that kill off the infectious agent³.

These specific antibodies will remain in the immune system after infection which means if the same disease presents itself again, your immune system is better prepared to fight off the infection³.

Is it safe to get a COVID-19 and flu vaccination at the same time?

Yes, it is safe to receive more than one vaccination at the same time.

The Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) currently recommends that it is acceptable to receive other vaccines at the same time as your COVID-19 vaccination and you can book yours online at amcal.com.au/bookings.

Why do some vaccines require boosters?

  1. All vaccines have been rigorously tested before being introduced to the public. For some vaccines, one dose does not provide an adequate amount of immunity which is why more than one dose may be recommended to help build a stronger and more complete immunity. 

There are also some vaccines where immunity can wear off over time or may mutate or change over time (like COVID-19 or the flu variations), which is why you require an annual or booster dose, helping to bring your immunity levels back up again and better protect you from getting sick³.

How are vaccines tested for safety prior to being offered to the public? 

Safety research and testing is an essential part of developing vaccines and there are many stages involved in the process including a range of clinical trials to test safety, efficacy and dosage requirements. Only after the vaccine has passed each of these stages can a vaccine be approved for widespread community use⁴.

Researchers and government departments like Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration have been dedicated to developing and rigorously testing COVID-19 vaccines without compromising safety and effectiveness. This global collaboration has meant the COVID-19 vaccines could move through all the regular stages of vaccine development and implementation simultaneously rather than one after another to produce safe and effective COVID-19 vaccinations quickly in response to the pandemic⁵.

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