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Vaccines within arm’s reach at Amcal

Amcal pharmacies are proud to play a crucial role in vaccinating families—whether it's helping grandparents to get vaccinated prior to meeting little ones, being there for your yearly flu shot, or just sharing expert advice about the flu and you.

Did you know the flu is a respiratory viral infection caused by the influenza virus? The virus affects the nose, throat, and lungs, causing symptoms that can affect the whole body such as fever and muscle aches. The flu can affect people of all ages and is spread through touching, coughing, and sneezing. A flu vaccination will help provide protection against the flu. Vaccination, before the flu season starts in June, is recommended for all Australians over 6 months of age. 

Aside from the flu vaccination (available for anyone eligible over 10 years), in a flu vaccination consultation with Amcal, you may also receive prevention and lifestyle advice on how to avoid catching the flu, colds, and COVID-19, as well as tips on how to get well and stay well if you catch any nasty bugs. 

Top tips to prevent cold and flu1

Don't let the flu stop you!
Explore Amcal's top tips to prevent cold and flu.

  • Practice good hygiene: Keep your hands and the surfaces you touch clean, and consider using an alcohol-based hand rub or wipes when you’re on the go. Avoid sharing toothbrushes, towels, utensils and drinking glasses.

  • Maintain healthy habits: Getting regular exercise, eating a healthy, nutritious diet, staying hydrated and moderating your alcohol consumption will help ensure your immune system is fighting fit.

  • Look after your mental health: Mental health plays a big part in our immune function. Ensure you’re getting adequate sleep and managing stress where possible.

  • When you’re sick: Stay home, cover sneezes and coughs and, most importantly, rest up!

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1. Healthdirect, https://www.healthdirect.gov.au/colds#prevention

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