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The Flu and You

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The flu and you

Nothing quite signifies that winter’s approaching than the onset of cold and flu season. Sometimes, all the hand washing and healthy eating in the world just isn’t enough to avoid catching a cold or the flu. Luckily, your Amcal pharmacist can help you feel better while battling a cold or the flu with a care regime personalised to treat your symptoms.

Relief from multiple symptoms

Cold and flu tablets and liquids contain a variety of different ingredients which can target different symptoms like pain, fever, headaches, cough, and a runny or stuffy nose.


Coughs are generally described as either chesty or dry. Sometimes called ‘tickly’ or ‘hacking’, a dry cough can be triggered by irritation in the throat, nose, or lungs. Dry coughs can be treated with medication to soothe the source of irritation, cough suppressants, or if caused by a runny nose, products to help dry and clear nasal congestion.

Sometimes called ‘wet’ or ‘productive’, a chesty cough is your body’s way of trying to clear phlegm from the airways. Chesty coughs are best treated with products that help break up the phlegm and get it off your chest. While these products won’t necessarily stop you from coughing, it doesn’t mean they aren’t working—they can help shorten the duration of your cough and prevent longer-term infections.

Sore throat

Choose from sprays, lozenges, and gargles. These products can soothe a tickle and ease pain, and sometimes also have antibacterial and immune-boosting properties.

Runny and blocked nose

Medicated sprays and drops can ease congestion and drip. Saline can also reduce your risk of sinus infection.

For help managing cold and flu symptoms, ask your Amcal pharmacist for a personalised care regime.

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