Here are a few tips and tricks I’ve learnt to help better manage my diabetes:

My diabetes kit comes with me no matter where I am. It’s with me at home, and it travels with me when I’m on the road for work or holidays and includes all the necessities I need to manage my diabetes:

Tip: Set a recurring reminder on your phone to check your kit and replenish regularly

Preparing for race season this year under the umbrella of COVID-19 has presented a whole new set of challenges, for example, catering has been different and usual schedules are all out of whack - and when it comes to managing diabetes, these daily details can make all the difference.

That’s why I think it’s really important to get familiar and pay attention to the daily details:

  • What foods are you putting into your body to fuel it?
  • How does your body react?
  • How much exercise are you getting?
  • How many hours of sleep are you clocking each night?

When I’m racing in Supercars at 300km, I need the right balance to perform and managing diabetes is similar in a lot of ways.

To find balance, you need to be attuned to your body, and be disciplined about the daily details - eating well, exercising often, and getting enough sleep each night.

And yes, sometimes the unexpected like a pandemic will get thrown your way - but getting back to basics and paying attention to the daily details will help you find your way to the right balance for you.

There are a number of similarities between car racing and Type 1 diabetes. Just like racing in a high-speed car, with blood sugar levels and diabetes you’ll learn when you need to accelerate or hit the brakes.

The daily details, being prepared and mindful and listening and learning how your body reacts helps to make living with diabetes that much easier.

Consider keeping a log on your phone of when and what you’re eating, when you take your medication, and how you’re feeling. With time, you’ll find you understand better when you need to brake and accelerate and you might find taking the corners a bit smoother too.