How To Stay On Track.

Motivation and goal setting.

The first step for motivation in weight management is to set yourself some goals. We recommend focussing on short-term and long-term goals and it is important for those goals to be realistic and achievable. Check out our tips on how to set goals and stay motivated on your weightloss journey. Find Out How

Need extra help?

Having consultations with your trained Wellness Coach will help you to achieve the best results from the Be Good To Yourself program. However, this may not be suitable for everyone. To follow the program yourself, you’ll need to choose one of the Be Good To Yourself programs and follow the meal planning guidelines listed below. Find Out How

Make the right food choices.

TIP: Did you know just one tablespoon of mayonnaise has up to 150 calories? That is the same as one whole Be Good To Yourself Shake. We’ve got the tools to help you make the right food decisions and stay fuller for longer. Check out our list of healthier food choices. Find Out How

Recipes to help with meal planning.

We’ve prepared some of our favourite recipe ideas to help you acheive your health goals. Download a range of our Be Good To Yourself approved recipes below. Find Out How

Let’s get moving.

Each day it is recommended that you participate in both cardiovascular and resistance exercise – and it does not have to be difficult or strenuous! Remember this exercise should be gentle and pain-free. Check out our simple and easy exercise guide. Check out our list of healthier food choices. Find Out How