Need Extra Help?

Having consultations with your trained Wellness Coach will help you to achieve the best results from the Be Good To Yourself program. However, we understand this may not be suitable for everyone.

To follow the program yourself, you'll need to choose one of the Be Good To Yourself programs and follow the Be Good To Yourself meal planning guidelines listed below. We’ve also included handy downloads for you to track your progress.

Notes on the meal plans

  • It is recommended to include two serves of fruit per day
  • Dairy and fruit snacks can be chosen from the allowable food lists in the Information Booklet & Dietary Guide available through your Pharmacy
  • Ideally, the fruit and dairy will use up all three of the snack times throughout the day. A Be Good To Yourself Snack Bar has been included as a nutritious calorie controlled option during one of the snack times if you are unable to eat fruit or dairy.
  • It is recommended to have a multivitamin and fibre supplement on all the plans.

It is important that you follow your Be Good To Yourself Meal Plan and do not have Be Good To Yourself Shakes or Bars for more than two of your three main meals each day. When it comes to preparing your main meal we recommend you always aim to build your plate around the proportions of 50-60% protein, 20-30% carbohydrate and 10% healthy fats.

Building a main meal is simple.

Check out the links below for ideas on how to make good food
choices and yummy recipes ideas.

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